Automatic shifts management

Improve efficiency in time management

Manages from a single portal all the information about your employee¬īs clocking control. Manages their clockings and receive a report with the working hours made by each employee.

registro de la jornada laboral

Your team’s signings at a glance

Manage everything related to mobile clocking, pending clockings and create operational shifts. You can check your team’s weekly shifts at a glance. And you will also know at all times the type of clocking in that has been done: mobile, with facial recognition, etc.
Workday record and control
Workday record and control

Digitise your working day

Forget about paper and digitally and automatically record the working day of your employees. You will be able to know who is working and who is not at the moment.

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Workday record and control
Presentation of the software
Workday record and control
Advantages for your business
Workday record and control
Customisation to your needs

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